Wills and Estates

Having an estate plan ensures your transition of wealth and peace of mind. Simply having a will is not enough.

A will is only one component of an estate plan, which needs to be constantly revised with every major change in your life.

As your Accountants and Financial Planners, we already understand your financial position and can help you navigate the complexities of estate planning.

We will guide you through the various options for an estate plan and help you throughout the entire process to ensure you end up with all necessary legal documents and a comprehensive and complete estate plan.

Whether you are dealing with numerous generations, building a trust, or protecting your wealth, Sutherland Tse will work with you.

We are able to provide the following legal services directly to our clients:

  1. Wills and Estate Planning for Families and Individuals
  2. Succession Planning for Business Owners
  3. Executor and Trustee Arrangements
  4. Deed of Family Arrangements
  5. Justice of the Peace Services

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